A three lakes event


A three lakes event

We want to offer the participant the greatest possible variety of fishing spots and possible tactics. That’s why we choose for a concept where a different lake is fished each day of the tournament. Lake Volkerak, Lake Haringvliet and Lake Hollandsdiep. Although the lakes are connected, they all have their own characteristics. So get your game plan ready, to become the first LureMasters!

Lake Volkerak

Divided from lake Hollandsdiep by a dam, lake Volkerak is the only lake without tidal influences. Notorious for usually tough fishing, yet there’s always a chance of hooking up with a monstrous pike. And do not underestimate the Perch and Zander in this lake. They might be not as plentiful as on the tidal lakes, but they are big! Lake Volkerak is a typical pike water. Clear water, plenty of big weed beds and a lot of open water where the monsters lurk in the deep.

Lake Haringvliet

Lake Haringvliet is famous for its world record size Perch. Not only do they achieve great lengths here, the amount and variety of food makes them extremely fat too. The lake is characterized by deep channels and rocky banks, where big mussel banks and opulent weed beds reign. The water is clear to crystal clear for most of the year and, apart from the record size Perch, hold a healthy stock of Pike, Zander and Asp as well.

Lake Hollandsdiep

In between Lake Haringvliet and the rivers Dordtsche Kill, Nieuwe Merwede and Amer lays Lake Hollandsdiep. Fish migrate up and down this estuary system, that has the most tidal influence of the three. Watercolor can change quickly here when the rivers drain water into the system, but also wind in combination with mostly a sandy bottom sometimes makes it a tricky water to fish. Mostly known for good numbers of Zander, this lake also holds a healthy Pike and Perch stock, with some true specimens to be caught.