BKK Hooks Joins the 2023 Garmin Lure Masters Trophy as a Proud Sponsor

2023 Garmin Lure Masters Trophy – Sponsor BKK

Lure Masters is thrilled to announce the continuation of their partnership with BKK Hooks, a leading producer of premium fishing hooks, as a sponsor for the upcoming 2023 Garmin Lure Masters Trophy. BKK Hooks’ support of the tournament is a testament to their commitment to the sport of fishing and the anglers who participate.

Since 2020, BKK Hooks has been a proud sponsor of the Garmin Lure Masters Trophy and their decision to extend their sponsorship for 2023 is a major boost for the tournament. The anglers competing in the tournament will have access to BKK Hooks’ exceptional quality hooks, giving them the best possible chance to bring in the big catches.

“We are honoured for the great partnership with Lure Masters again this year. We are proud anglers as well as hook makers. We live the purpose every day by focusing on research and innovation, involving in the whole manufacturing process in-house. We strive to build better hooks that stand for stronger, sharper, and more reliable which equivalent to tournaments level. We want anglers who are after the biggest, meanest, and hardest fighting fish to be rest assured about our hooks. We eagerly looking forward and wishing every participating angler the best in Lure Masters Tournaments 2023!” said Michele Gori, BKK Product Engineer and Global Market Director.

“Having BKK Hooks as a returning sponsor for the 2023 Garmin Lure Masters Trophy is a tremendous honor,” said Christian Biereth, CEO of Lure Masters. “Their commitment to providing the anglers with top-notch hooks will greatly contribute to making this tournament a success.”

The 2023 Garmin Lure Masters Trophy will take place from September 13th to 16th in the Rhine Delta of the Netherlands. With BKK Hooks on board as a sponsor, spectators and participants can expect an unforgettable event filled with top-notch fishing action.

About BKK Hooks: BKK Hooks is a leading producer of premium fishing hooks. With a commitment to quality and performance, BKK Hooks offers anglers hooks that are specifically designed to help them bring in the biggest catches. Their hooks are known for their sharpness, strength, and durability, making them a favorite among fishing enthusiasts. BKK clinched a total of five GOOD DESIGN AWARD JAPAN accolades including LONE DIABLO (2017), GT-REX (2019), RAPTOR-Z (2020), TITAN SERIES: TITANDIVER, TITANDIVER+ and TITANRIDER (2020), RAPTOR-X (2022).

Lure Masters is grateful for the continued support of BKK Hooks and is eager to make the 2023 Garmin Lure Masters Trophy a memorable experience for all involved. Get ready to witness some of the best fishing in Europe!