Echolotzentrum Becomes Sponsor of the Garmin Lure Masters Trophy

2023 Garmin Lure Masters Trophy Sponsor: ECHOLOTZENTRUM SCHLAGETER

Lure Masters, the organizer of the highly anticipated Garmin Lure Masters Trophy fishing tournament, has announced a new sponsorship agreement with Echolotzentrum Schlageter. As part of the agreement, Echolotzentrum Schlageter will join the tournament as a sponsor and provide support for the event.

“We’re delighted to welcome Echolotzentrum Schlageter as a sponsor of the Garmin Lure Masters Trophy,” said Christian Biereth, CEO of Lure Masters. “Their expertise in fish finders and sonar equipment is a valuable addition to our tournament, and we look forward to working together to promote the sport of fishing.”

Echolotzentrum Schlageter is a leading supplier of fish finders and sonar equipment, known for their high-quality products and exceptional customer service. As part of the sponsorship agreement, the company will provide support for the tournament and enter a team to represent their company.

“We’re excited to partner with Lure Masters and support the Garmin Lure Masters Trophy,” said Thomas Schlageter, CEO of Echolotzentrum Schlageter. “Our team is looking forward to competing in the tournament and demonstrating the benefits of our fish finders and sonar equipment.”

The Garmin Lure Masters Trophy is one of the most prestigious fishing tournaments in Europe, attracting participants from around the world. The tournament is known for its innovative technology, including the recently announced Garmin Lure Masters Edition by Echolotzentrum, a special predator fishing preset for select Garmin fishfinders.

Lure Masters and Echolotzentrum Schlageter are both dedicated to promoting the sport of fishing and advancing fishing technology. The new sponsorship agreement is expected to benefit both companies, as they continue to work together to develop new fishing technologies and provide anglers with the tools they need to succeed.