Time to announce yet another sponsor for the Luremasters competition. Powered by Predax Fishing Germany, Hearty Rise rods sponsors two top notch spinning rods for the competition. These light weight and fast spinning rods will be an enrichment for every serious lures angler.

Predax owner Enrico Di Ventura, who will partipate in the competition himself, promised us win his own rods back, so don’t you worry. Enrico, thanks for the support!

The price: 2 x Hearty Rise New Evolution ES-762H

The Hearty Rise New Evolution offers a sensational performance! Made from 99% high modulus carbon and equipped with Fuji Antitangle rings, as well as Fuji-handle. The New Evolution corresponds exactly to the current trend in their action. She is tight, fast and equipped with a sensitive, very closely ringed tip. The simple, elegant design completes these top spinning rods. The Spinning New Evolution can be used very versatile depending on the model.

About Hearty Rise:

Hearty Rise is a fishing tackle manufacturer based in Taiwan who are committed to providing the fisherman with the highest quality fishing gear. We pay attention to the smallest detail and their craftsmanship is like no other brand. We have been in the rod making business for approximately 3 decades, enough experience to understand the intricacies of rod building and design. Nothing has been overlooked from sourcing the highest quality Japanese carbon to using the best guides and components from Japan and the USA. In fact more than 60% of our export market is to Japan, so these are Japanese quality fishing rods available for you to buy in Australia. If you want the very best in what fishing tackle manufacturing has to offer then look no further, Hearty Rise has a rod for you.