Luremasters 2016


Welcome to Luremasters 2016.

“Fishing is Freedom, Competition is Fun”

The Luremasters competition brings back the fun in a fishing tournament. Keeping the format simple, we want to give the competitors as much freedom as possible while fishing and enough time to socialize after competion day ends.

Luremasters is an open fishing competition for all participants from all over the world. The competition is set to be held in September 2016 in the waters of the Dutch Delta.

The Haringvliet, Hollands Diep and Volkerak systems where the competition will be held are famous for their beautifull nature and are widely regarded as on of the last strongholds for large predatory fish. By competing on three different waters, the competition will not be won based on technique only, but also the tactical aspect will be of great importance.

So why another fishing competition you may ask ?

Because we believe there is room for a fishing competition that will be open to all kinds of participants. Not just the heavily sponsored teams but also teams that fish on a recreational basis.

By having affordable entrance fees and a non profit attitude we think we can create tremendous value for both participants and sponsors.

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