Scoring change for 2023 Garmin Lure Masters Trophy


After running a survey within all competitors of the 2022 Garmin Lure Masters Trophy, and listening to individual feedback of many anglers, we decided to change the scoring for this years tournament.

The old way to score with 7 Zander, 5 Perch & 3 Pike put a very high importance, of about 57%, on the combined length of Zander. That in combination with the fact that Zander is f.e. almost impossible to catch in lake Volkerak during day time, it was clear to us to work on a scoring system that is more balanced throughout all three different species.

After countless hours of research, studying the results of the last three Lure Masters Trophy editions, we found that 8 Perch, 5 Zander and 3 Pike will provide almost equal importance to all species. We also believe this will keep up the excitement for anglers to use various tactics and techniques to make it to the top of the leaderboard. By the way: The new scoring system will still allow anglers to break the 1000 point mark 🙂

We are sure that the majority of anglers will like the changes and we think it will also get more exciting for the viewers watching the live broadcast. We are excited to see how this scoring change will influence the different tactics of anglers and how they approach the tournament.