Welcome to Lure Masters 2.0


Hello Fishing World,

Without a doubt it is difficult times for big public events these days, including fishing events like the Lure Masters. We always kept our heads up and tried to be positive. We came up with new ideas like the Lure Masters Online Open to offer anglers the possibility to compete while enjoying fishing and, at the same time, offer the visibility for our supporting sponsors.

As a re-design of our existing luremasters.nl website was on the agenda anyway, we took the extra step (let’s better say mile, or marathon) to implement the Lure Masters Online Open and add enough flexibility to run different event formats in the future.

Developing the new website, which actually is a web-application, we had the following key factors mind:

Mobile first approach

In the world we are living in, we are online almost all the time. And we are using mobile devices almost every time. Following this trend, it was important to us to create a web app that can be used from any device. The possibility to upload catches also directly on our website enables us to be more flexible with the implementation of new features and new technologies. However, we might also release a mobile app in addition in the near future, again.


Security and the protection of data on the internet is a crucial thing and it is luckily gaining more and more importance within the users as well. Luckily we have teamed up with a great developer who is also very precise when it comes to data protection and we have decided to work with tools that are not feeding the internet giants with user data.

For example we are using hCaptcha to prevent bots to access our site and Matomo to be able to monitor our website.

Also we are using a minimum amount of Cookies in order to protect your privacy as good as we can.

E-Commerce Integration

Our goal was to optimize the registration process for our competitors in order to be able to buy tickets on first-come-first-serve basis. At the same time we wanted to make it easier for sponsors to buy tickets for their team anglers while receiving a correct invoice with their invoicing details. All this was quite an intense process, but we think we have found a pretty innovative solution.

Oh and if you want – there is also some nice caps waiting for you and we are planning to have more merch in the near future (if you all want!?)

The final result

And here it is: our new web-application. After 4 month behind computers, countless liters of coffee, beer and many sleepless nights – our new web-application. It may not look like this amount of mentioned resources, but it was a lot of work and we are happy to share it with you. We hope you will like it and enjoy using it.

Of course, there is still a lot to be implemented over the next weeks and we are also eager to continuously implement new features – driven by the community – in the near future.

If you find any bugs or if you have great ideas that should be implemented, please don’t hesitate to email us, or chat with us on Discord.